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Facts About Sorella Artist


  • Sorella artists must be able to participate in writing their own music.

  • Sorella artists are able to take advantage of all the amenities at the Sorella estate, including comfortable accomodations, writing and recording sessions, gourmet meals from the Tree House menu and more, by request as available.  

  • Sorella artists can 1) Contract with Sorella (50/50/360) for the term of 1 Year for the creation of up to 1 Album with a Sorella investment of up to $100,000 into publishing, promotion and distribution or 2) No contract with Sorella with an investment only in the creation of the album, not in the promotion or distribution of the artist or the album.

  • Sorella artists share 100% of the portion of the authorship of all works they partipated in creating.  

  • Sorella artists understand and agree that because Sorella actively pitches artists as well as songs to artists, labels, publishers, film/tv and other viable avenues, Sorella reserves the right to maintain 100% of publishing rights for all songs created as this allows Sorella to be able to continue to submit, license, distribute and more without limitations or restrictions.  

  • Sorella artists can contribute to write and record songs via "Work For Hire" and be paid for their services up front, at an hourly rate commensurate with their experience, in lieu of royalties.  Although many writers are now choosing the option of "Work For Hire" because of the volatility of today's industry, Sorella prefers that all authors receive credit for their contributions in the form of royalties and instead apply to Sorella as an "Independent Creative Contractor", where you are not paid for your services upfront, but rather given credit for the work you applied to the project from song sales.


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